Self Storage Facility: Three Reasons Storing Your Delicate Items in a Climate Controlled Unit Is Necessary

Monday, 23 November 2015

Three Reasons Storing Your Delicate Items in a Climate Controlled Unit Is Necessary

Whether you are cleaning out your basement, downsizing your living arrangements or taking care of your great-grandmother’s estate, it’s important to understand certain aspects of storage. Throwing your delicate items into a cardboard box and sticking it in the shed might not be the greatest idea. Instead, you may want to consider renting a climate controlled unit. The following are three reasons why:

Humidity Control – When you rent a climate controlled unit, it controls the humidity. Unfortunately, when people store items like wooden furniture, the humidity takes its toll and cracks, rots or warps the wood. Things like photographs will also accumulate moisture and begin to grow mold or mildew. This ruins furniture and photographs for good. Humidity control ensures you won’t run into this problem.

Savings – While some delicate items are irreplaceable, there are others that you might be able to replace if they are destroyed, but it will cost you. Precious items often cost more than typical day-to-day things, so you could be saving yourself a lot of money by protecting the original items in a rented storage unit.

Pest Control – There are many pests that thrive in climates that are either too warm or too cold. These pests often chew through paper, fabric and wood. Eliminating the poor weather condition will eliminate the pests.

As you can see, storing your delicate items isn’t something you should take lightly. Visit this website to learn more about temperature controlled storage in Salinas and rent your unit today.

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