Self Storage Facility: 2015

Monday, 30 November 2015

Places You Should Be Storing Your Extra Business Supplies

Running a business is all about striking balances. You have expenses that you must cover in order to keep operations running smoothly, and two of your biggest expenses are probably your office space and your business supplies. Business supplies can be as small as a box of paperclips or as big as an order of chairs. If you are ordering in bulk, preparing for a move or expanding your business, you may be in need of additional storage. These are just a few reasons you may find yourself with an overflow of office supplies and a shortage of space to store them. There are several commercial storage options available to resolve this issue.

Supplies used around the office aren’t the only items your business may need a storage unit for. If you have excess inventory, you may think it’s time to upgrade to a bigger office, but it can be extremely pricey to expand to a bigger office space. Paying for a larger office means you will also be paying for additional electricity, resources and maintenance. Self storage, on the other hand, can provide you with the extra space you need without the exorbitant price tag. A standard self storage unit can be a great place for big items like furniture or smaller items like documents and business samples.

If you are dealing with sensitive business supplies, a climate controlled commercial unit may be the best option. Climate control ensure that all contents stored in the unit are kept at a consistent, specified temperature at all times. If you need additional space for documents, this is a great way to ensure they are kept safe and dry. Unlike most office environments, a storage unit can also be sealed so dust, moisture and rodents are kept at bay. You can retrieve your items whenever you please and rest easy knowing they are safe in the meantime.

In addition to standard and climate controlled storage units, portable storage units offer businesses a viable solution solution in many cases. This is a great idea for a business that is frequently mobile or one that is in the middle of a move. Portable storage offers maximum flexibility and can accommodate business supplies of nearly any size. You can customize the unit to meet your business’ unique needs, and you can cut back on the costs of movers or extra office space.

There are plenty of options available for commercial storage that can help your business store its supplies. Click on this link to visit a website with more information about commercial storage in Graham.

3 Things to Add to Your Moving Checklist

Moving is an exhausting task no matter how many times you do it. It takes a lot of work to relocate your life, and there are so many details to keep track of. When there are lots of things to look after, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and forget something. It helps to keep a list handy, so you can check off items as you go. These are a few things that might slip your might, but are still useful to remember.

  • It is vital to transfer all of your necessary records, whatever they may be. This can include things like school records, medical information, even veterinary files for your pets.

  • Don't skip the small stuff. Be sure to pack essentials like toilet paper, a toothbrush, some snacks and everything else you need to stay comfortable. This will make the whole process easier for everyone.

  • Be sure to follow the proper steps to get a new driver's license or other form of identification if you are moving to a new state. This will help ensure that you're equipped to do everything you need to get settled in the new area.

Moving is hard, but it can be a little easier for you when you remember to add these items to your checklist. Taking care of these tasks will help you stay prepared throughout the process and beyond. Visit this website to learn more about moving boxes in Raleigh.

Real Estate Roundup: Self-Storage Transactions December 2015

Storage Express, which operates self-storage properties in five states, acquired By-Pas Storage in Muncie, Ind. The 25,000-square-foot facility at 4440 E. Centennial Ave. is just off the Muncie Bypass at Indiana State Road 67… read more

The Important Decision of Boat Storage

A boat is a valuable possession for more reasons than how much it costs. It is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and to spend time with friends and family. Whatever your purpose, it just makes sense to repay your boat for all it gives to you. One way to do this is to find a storage unit that can house your boat when it's not in use. There are a lot of benefits that make this a great decision.

  • Firstly, it saves space. Many people lack the room on their own property to store a boat, and it often takes up garage space that is better suited to things you use on a more regular basis. Having a separate space for your boat means nothing is displaced.

  • Many people keep their boats outside, but this leaves them highly vulnerable to the elements. Extreme weather can do damage to your boat. Avoid this with a reliable storage space.

  • When your boat is kept in its own storage unit, there is no need to worry about theft or vandalism. Many storage facilities provide multiple levels of security, so you can rest easy knowing your boat is safe.

A boat is a great resource when the time is right, but it can get in the way when it's not in use. Getting a storage unit is often the perfect solution. This makes it easy to protect it from multiple things at once. Any boat owner should make this important decision. Click here to learn more about boat storage in Burlington.

3 Benefits of Storing Your Things

It is amazing how much stuff can be collected over the years. While some of it really isn’t necessary, some of it can be very important, too. The question becomes where to put it all. The answer can be found in the following benefits of storing your things.

1.  Space

The number one reason people store their things is to free up space. Self-storage units are used to house everything from business files to excess furniture to camping equipment. Because they come in various sizes, you can free up as little or as much space as you want by utilizing self-storage.

2. Safety

Self-Storage units have excellent security systems to protect your belongings. With most facilities offering 24 hour access, you can expect the following safety features:

·         security cameras
·         security lights
·         alarm systems

Many also offer keyless locks on individual units for added protection.

3. Savings

Many self-storage facilities are climate controlled, which means your property isn’t in danger of damage from moisture, mold or dry rot. Items in climate controlled self-storage will last longer and retain their value.

Whether you’re trying to create more file space at the office or just want room in your garage for your car, visit this website for information about self storage units in Raleigh.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Safe Storage for Your RV

Finding the right place to store your RV can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that your vehicle is safe from the elements and vandals. Additionally, you may not have the space to park your RV on your property. Neighborhood or homeowner association regulations may prevent you from parking your vehicle curbside. Fortunately, options are available to store your vehicle off-site.

1.Picking a Place to Park

One of the most common and inexpensive types of RV storage is in an open lot. Outdoor parking can be in an open lot or spaces can be specifically designated. While this parking is less expensive than covered parking, your vehicle is exposed to degradation from natural elements. Naturally, covered parking offers more of a barrier to the elements than open parking. Within covered parking, variations exist as to the level of protection.

2. Evaluating Security

Some covered parking includes simple side wall structures for enhanced security. Evaluate the neighborhood to determine if open parking will be a secure option. Inquire as to whether or not the facility has video surveillance or secure fencing.

With the proper environment and security provisions in place, your mobile home will be ready for many adventures to come. Click here for more information on RV storage in Durham.

One Less Thing to Worry About…

When you run a business, there are a lot of things to worry about, or things that need your constant attention. Don’t let your storage needs be one of them. Find out now where you can store all of your equipment. 

Storing for Your Large Business

There are a variety of reasons a large business may want to invest in a storage facility, such as space to keep things that may not currently have a use but will be in use later. Here are some things a large business may keep in a storage unit.

Old Files

If you are a business that deals with a lot of important paperwork, you may have endless file cabinets of documents that you do not want to shred yet. However, if you have a lot of these documents, it can be hard trying to find space for them.

Old Equipment

Although you may not want to throw out your old equipment like computers or chairs, in case there comes a need for them later, they can take up a lot of space in the office.

New Equipment

If you are transitioning your office and getting new equipment, you may be choosing to do so gradually so as not to disrupt the workers to the point where they can’t do their jobs. You can leave the new additions in a storage space until you are ready for them.

The possibilities are endless; you can never go wrong when investing in a place to store extra equipment. Find a unit for business storage in Santa Cruz today.

Specialty Retailer Opens Wine-Storage Facility in Honolulu

Vintage Wine Cellar has converted a former video store next to its specialty wine outlet in Honolulu into a wine-storage facility… read more

Reduce Clutter With a Rental

If you ended up in an apartment by way of down-sizing, there’s a good chance that you have more belongings than your new home is able to accommodate. Fortunately, there are many items that you can move to a rented storage unit in order to create space.

1. Furniture

When moving from a home to an apartment, there are often many relics and furniture items that you may not be ready to get rid of. Instead of cluttering your new residence with mismatched furniture from various rooms in your old home, rent a storage unit for those items you aren’t quite ready to part with.

2. Clothing

Many apartments are equipped with slider closets. These accommodations may not be sizeable enough to adequately contain your wardrobe. Seasonal clothing can be moved to a self-storage rental unit. Formal wear that only gets occasional use can also be stored in a rented facility.

3. Miscellaneous Items

Furniture and clothing aren’t the only personal items that can be stored elsewhere. Exercise equipment, appliances, and other articles from your kitchen are fair game for rental storage.

If you have items that you may want periodic access to, be sure to choose a facility that is convenient for you. Click here for more information on self storage units in Raleigh.

Organizing Means Everything Will Fit

A spacious self storage unit is just waiting for your unused possessions. Don't forget that this blank canvas will fit even more items if you take the time to add shelving and other organizational tools. 

Safeguarding Your Boat

Boats are a source of immense recreational pleasure for many. If you already have a vehicle or two, space restrictions may make boat storage difficult to obtain. When picking an off-site storage facility for your boat, there are a couple of things to consider.

1.Storage Unit Lease Term

Boat storage is not only for the winter. If your neighbors are all boat owners, storing your vehicle curbside may be an acceptable option. However, if you happen to be the only enthusiast on the block, you may have some pressure to store your boat elsewhere. It can also be used for regular parking between summer excursions. A yearly lease may be a viable option for boat owners who want to maintain friendly relations with neighbors and have their property stored in a secure site.

2.Where, When, and How Much?

When picking a storage facility, you will also consider cost and the sort of access the facility allows. Your storage facility should be in a place that’s convenient for use. If you need to access your boat during odd hours for maintenance purposes or otherwise, you will want to ensure that your facility is equipped to accommodate irregular scheduling.

The place you choose to store your boat (for seasonal or year-round purposes) should be selected with care. Click here for additional detail on boat storage in Burlington.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Three Reasons Storing Your Delicate Items in a Climate Controlled Unit Is Necessary

Whether you are cleaning out your basement, downsizing your living arrangements or taking care of your great-grandmother’s estate, it’s important to understand certain aspects of storage. Throwing your delicate items into a cardboard box and sticking it in the shed might not be the greatest idea. Instead, you may want to consider renting a climate controlled unit. The following are three reasons why:

Humidity Control – When you rent a climate controlled unit, it controls the humidity. Unfortunately, when people store items like wooden furniture, the humidity takes its toll and cracks, rots or warps the wood. Things like photographs will also accumulate moisture and begin to grow mold or mildew. This ruins furniture and photographs for good. Humidity control ensures you won’t run into this problem.

Savings – While some delicate items are irreplaceable, there are others that you might be able to replace if they are destroyed, but it will cost you. Precious items often cost more than typical day-to-day things, so you could be saving yourself a lot of money by protecting the original items in a rented storage unit.

Pest Control – There are many pests that thrive in climates that are either too warm or too cold. These pests often chew through paper, fabric and wood. Eliminating the poor weather condition will eliminate the pests.

As you can see, storing your delicate items isn’t something you should take lightly. Visit this website to learn more about temperature controlled storage in Salinas and rent your unit today.

World Class Capital Group/Great Value Storage Acquires 3-Property Self-Storage Portfolio in Jackson, MS

Real estate investment firm World Class Capital Group LLC (WCCG) recently purchased a three-property self-storage portfolio in the Jackson, Miss., Metropolitan Statistical Area… read more

Three Benefits of Keeping Important Documents

During your lifetime, you may receive various documents for important events or life-changing situations. If you are a minimalist, or you just don’t like a lot of paperwork lying around, you might be tempted to throw those documents out. Before you do, consider some of the benefits of hanging on to them.

1. To Provide Proof – When applying for a driver’s license, passport, school admission or other important things in your life, you may be asked to provide proof of citizenship or age. A birth certificate, social security card or marriage license could be the perfect documents to provide proof of those things.

2. To Have Your Will Carried Out – If you end up in a hospital, unable to communicate, you may have a different idea of how to proceed than your loved ones will. A living will or power of attorney document will help caregivers know what to do. Additionally, if a loved one has passed away, it will be important that you have their will in hand so you can carry it out as well.

3. For Protection – Insurance policies, business licenses, ID cards, loan documents and mortgage documents can all provide protection for you if you find yourself in an argument over any of it. If you don’t have a copy of these things, it may be possible to get another one, but it could also be a time consuming process. 

As you can see, there are some real benefits of keeping important documents in a safe place where you always have access to them. To learn more about document storage in Salinas, visit this website.

Create a Moving Materials Checklist

Creating a checklist can help you more readily get organized for the move. Creating a list of materials you need before the move is even better. Checklists help you prioritize items, and they also make it easier to remember things. 

Reclaim Your Garage With a Self Storage Unit

Has your garage become so cluttered that you can no longer park the car without first stacking the golf clubs on top of the lawnmower? Maybe it’s time you considered renting a storage unit to clear out some of your excess belongings and regain control over garage. 

Besides freeing up some space in the garage, additional benefits of a self storage unit include:

·         24-hour security to ensure your valuables stay safe

·         Climate controlled environments to protect your belongings from damaging conditions, such as high humidity and extreme temperatures

·         Private, 24-hour key code access to your unit for added security

While it may be tempting to let your extra stuff accumulate in the garage, at the end of the day, you are doing more harm to your belongings than good. For instance, regardless if your garage is insulated, you are still exposing your things to vehicle fumes and road dirt. A self storage unit provides a clean environment to keep your possessions tidy and organized. And once you’ve put your things into storage, the job’s finished. You no longer need to continually fight against the clutter just to maintain a clear pathway to the door.

If your garage is becoming unmanageable and you’re considering renting storage units in Salinas, information can be found over here